Sunshine Satchel [17]

$ 55.00

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17 Sunshine Satchel

Width 6.5”

Length 6.5”

Tassel Length 2.5”

Strap Length 56”

Measurements in inches

Handmade by My Mom! 100% Organic Hemp with Shells from New Smyrna Beach, FL! 

The shoulder strap is measured from end to end. If you’re not sure what will size you need grab some HempWick (or any string) and measure where you’d like the bag with the string over your shoulder. Then measure the string and voila!

No lining. Stuffed with newspaper in the photo so you can see the shape.


Dirty Hippie! Here’s how to clean your satchel! :) Wash your satchel with a little bit of Dr. Bronner’s hemp soap and water. Let it soak if it needs and lay it flat to dry. Do not wring it out... be gentle.


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