$ 35.00

Ceramic Stash Jar
Handmade by Gabriel Isaac at his home studio in DeLand, Florida

Colors: like a rocky mountain range in the distance
Height (of ceramic): 7cm
Height (including cork): 9cm
Width (jar opening): 4cm

This groovy handmade ceramic jar is totally glazed inside and out making it the perfect place to stash the good stuff. :) The top is made of raw edge cork bark.

More about the artist: Gabriel Isaac is a ceramic artist from DeLand, FL. He holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics from the University of Central Florida and has been practicing functional and sculptural pottery for 15+ years. Gabriel makes pottery everyday and loves it. He is always striving to hone his skill and allowing his creations to evolve through production.

Want to see more of his work?
Instagram: @PotteryByGabriel

Check out his website for more ceramics, a schedule of his upcoming shows and all kinds of groovy info about his processes

Thank you for supporting our friend and a super groovy local artist!  We are all grateful!

**Raw cork bark top can shrink/ expand depending on air temperature, humidity, and altitude. The cork bark is super fresh and a perfect circle. It will adjust with use to fit the handmade contours of your jar perfectly.

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