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Tea Lights | Gift Box of 10

Tea Lights | Gift Box of 10

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10 Pack of hand poured 100% pure beeswax tea light candles in a gift box!
Use: Works great for relighting HempWick, setting the mood, and will clean smells from the air!
Burn time: 4-5 hours each
Scent: Naturally smells like honey. Nothing added to it.

What’s in it? 

BEESWAX- All of the organic beeswax we use to make our candles comes from the very same hives as the beeswax we use to hand make HempWick! The bees who make it live out in our local mangroves on wild, undeveloped land. The bees gather the pollens they need to make wild tropical blossom honey and wax from gallberry, saw palmetto, and other tropical wild flower blossoms. The acreage surrounding their hives is wild, un cultivated, and is not fertilized or chemically sprayed. Thank you for supporting us and for helping us support our local bee keepers! We are all grateful!
HEMPWICK- 100% HempWick Wick! Handmade by us with organic hemp from Romania!
TAG, BOX, PACKAGING, TIN- 100% Recycled! Please reuse or recycle it all!

What’s not in it?

NO GMOS, NO paraffin wax (a byproduct of petroleum production), NO Soy wax (soy wax is heavily processed and genetically modified), No Cotton wicks, No Lead, No toxic fumes, No scents, No fragrances! Just pure organic goodness!

- Always burn in the tin or a tea light holder. The closer fitting the better. If the holder is too large the wax burn unevenly and the candle will burn out quickly.
-It's best to burn for 2 hours at a time. Then allow the candle to cool completely before using it again. This will make the candle last longer and burn more evenly.
-Light the wick from the base where the wick meets the beeswax. This gives the beeswax time to soak into the wick. 

Looking for scented candles? The pure beeswax smells super sweet like honey but if you want a scented candle.... No problem! Burn the candle and wait till its melted a bit >>Put the fire out<< and add a few drops of your favorite pure essential oil into the melted wax puddle. And voila! No weird chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no toxic fumes!

- Remove all paper packaging before using your candle!
- The tin or tea light holder can get hot!
- Never leave a burning candle unattended!
- Burn on a flat and solid heat resistant surface.
- Keep burning candles far away from children, pets and all flammable materials like curtains, papers, clothing, books, pillows, and rugs!
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