What you can do to help our planet!

Please: RESPECT our planet, REPLENISH its resources, REDUCE your consumption, REUSE what you can, and RECYCLE what's left.

Be a conscious consumer: We have a philosophy that all consumers “vote” with their dollar. Every time you buy something you are "voting with your dollar." Please think about what you are “voting” for with EVERY dollar. Whether it's supporting unfair labor, a company that supports animal testing, a company that lobbies the government to control things that you may not agree with or a company that has no care for the environment. Please be conscious of your "votes" because they really COUNT!!

By “voting” for HempWick™ you are supporting an all-natural, low environmental impact, vegetarian couple who truly love and respect our beautiful planet! We hope that you keep this philosophy in mind during all purchasing decisions you make because awareness leads to change! And change is the only way to save our planet!

Please research the brands you support! Know what chemicals these brands expose you to! Know what they do with the money you give to them! Research where their factories are! Research their environmental & human rights reputations! Raise awareness by spreading the word on what ya learn!

Be a conscious & responsible consumer! Know what you are supporting! Support what you believe in and we can change the world together.

Say NO to GMOs! Support organic farming! Research genetically modified food. Learn about the processes involved, the effects on the planet & people as well as how to AVOID them. 

Save the bees! Support your local farmers, ESPECIALLY your local bee keepers! Sustainable bee farms are vital to our planet's existence and they need our support all around the world! You can find your local bee keepers usually at the farmers market or via a quick online search. Most bee keepers are eager to share all kinds of bee info with you! Some will even take you to see their hives, just ask! 

Support HEMP! Hemp is the future! There are lots of unsustainable things hemp can replace. From plastics to fuel to medications to paper, cement and even clothes. Growing hemp has far less negative effects on the planet compared to what is currently being used. Research hemp, hemp history, and its many uses... and choose hemp products!

Please pick up litter! Even things like balloons and plastics bags labeled, "biodegradable" still take 6 months + to biodegrade. That's plenty of time for an animal to mistake 'em as food. Make sure your trash ends up in the bin, organize a clean up of a wild life area near you, remind your friends to respect our planet, & use trash cans! Lets all work together to keep our planet healthy for future generations to enjoy! We're all in this together!

Refrain from using plastic! Of course it’s hard to avoid plastic completely. But you should especially avoid single use plastics & polystyrene (styrofoam)! Switch to reusable options whenever possible! There are glass, bamboo, and stainless steel reusable options available for everything! Do some research on the effects of plastic on YOUR health and the health of our planet! It’ll blow your mind. Then spread the word!