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Please Read, Learn, Share, Raise Awareness, Let's Change the World!

Here are a bunch of links for ya to check out to learn more! Presented to ya straight from the sources! Make up your own mind if you’re into it! Do not ever believe just one source. Research everything you read. This is just a start! Learn more! Share your knowledge! :) Be a responsible and conscience consumer! Have fun learning this is some IMPORTANT STUFF! It is in no particular order and is all equally important!
This list is ongoing please let us know if you think of anything we’re missing.


Facts About Hemp
From the Hemp Industries Association
From the North American Industrial Hemp Council
Hemp and Marijuana Myths and Realities!

Have you heard of Sea Shepherd? They are a badass Marine Conservation Non Profit Organization that is on the front lines protecting our planets marine animals. Please learn more about them!

Water is tasty and falls from the sky. For us it comes from a tap. Not everyone is so lucky. Learn more here about water scarcity and ways you can help.
Get Active Here:

So there is lots of buzzz about plastics and how bad they are blah blah but do ya know why? Here is why you should care about plastics and eliminate them from your life:
For yourself:
For the Planet: Pacific Ocean Trash Vortex

Yoga... It’s not just some Hippie shit. Read about it, take a class, you’ll love it.
Try some: Yoga With Adriene Totally free! On Youtube! 5 min to 1hr + classes

Check out the free smartphone app MINDSPACE. Its a great way to get started! They have 10 free meditations that really teach ya a lot about mindfulness! Also search YouTube for mindfulness exercises and free mediations.

Beeees! They are so important for so many reasons! Here are some great links to learn more about em!
The bee crisis explained:
Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder! Beyond the Bees Knees
Learn about why bees make hexagons in their hives: What is it about Bees and Hexagons?

Really into bees?
Go work on a bee farm:
Start your own farm- How to become a beekeeper:
Go stay at Tall Tree Bees International Api-Center School:

FOOD- Organic, Pesticides, Additives
For your health
Drink Filtered Water
Find your local Farmer
Why Pesticides are bad
Why Organic Food Matters
Food Additives to avoid:
Eat healthy for yourself and the planet: Ways to Eat Healthy That help the Environment 
Why you should NOT use teflon:

Learn more about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) here:
GMO Facts

Life Style
How clothing dyes effect the planet...
What is Fair Trade? Why is it important?

An awesome resource connecting prospective pet parents with rescue groups from all around the us!


National Resource Defence Councils top priorities for the planet:
Issues the earth is facing:

Work on an organic farm:
Read some:
Read some:
Watch some documentaries:

Learn about corruption.... Hard to limit this one to just a few points... here are some eye openers....

Other awesome businesses that deserve your support!!