About the Hippies

So we are a vegetarian couple who truly love and respect our beautiful planet. 

But who are we and what do we do? 

We wax, smile, package, take a moment to be grateful, ship it out and repeat!

Hippie Rambling about myself....
Hi! I’m Barrett! I create all of the things that you can see related to HempWick (on the internet, our site, & social media.) I enjoy doing all of our photography, graphics, packaging designs, and the fun business stuff! I also help with all kinds of HempWick making operations from HempWick & candle making to honey packaging to shipping and wholesale. I am beeeyond grateful to be able to spread awareness of the issues our planet is facing through the platforms HempWick provides! I will not stand by and watch someone do something that negatively affects our planet. Everyone has a voice and can raise awareness! I love to ensure every aspect of our business is done in the most responsible and sustainable manner! It is very important to me to make sure we’re working in harmony with our beautiful planet! When I’m not “HempWicking,” I’m usually at the beach! I love to paint, travel, take photos, make/use henna, standup paddle surf, listen to music, do yoga, crochet, hang with our dogs, go camping, biking, cook and eat really good organic veggie food. Come say hello to me on instagram!

Hippie Rambling about: Jav (pronounced like Haav) 
Jav is an amazingly hard working and dedicated HempWick & candle maker, packager and mailer extraordinaire. He also handles our wholesale and most emails. He hand waxes all of your HempWick BY HAND. He has created the ultimate and (top secret) system to hand make HempWick perfectly every time. It took many years of experimental batches and testing before we got it down! There are quite a few steps to create the perfect wick and he knows em all! He definitely is the waxiest one around here and his arms stay pretty tired! When he isn’t “HempWicking” you’ll catch him at the beach, in the ocean, surfing or swimming. He loves to surf, play disc golf, bike, camp, travel, hang with our dogs, cook and eat really good organic veggie food. He also hooks it up with danky green smoothies and coffee while we’re working. 

*"HempWicking" is the term we use for making HempWick and all things related to it.