Our Environmental Policies

HempWick™ is made without any waste or byproducts!
 We practice conscious consumption and sustainability as our lifestyle and are committed to doing business in the same way! As individuals and businesses we're all in this together... We share the responsibility in ensuring there is a healthy planet for future generations. 

Please: RESPECT our planet, REPLENISH its resources, REDUCE your consumption, REUSE what you can, and RECYCLE what's left.

Please check out "What is HempWick" for more info!
-Our organic hemp comes from a small group of farmers in rural Romania. It is super pure and un-fooled around with! Our fiber is 100% pure Romanian hemp with no binders and is not blended with anything. We look forward to the future of hemp being available locally!

-All of the organic beeswax and honey in HempWick, HempWick Hippie Candles, and HempWick Honey are from the very same local hives! They're local, like New Smyrna Beach, FL local! We are grateful to be able to support our local bee keepers!

- Our nifty dispenser boxes are made of 100% post consumer recycled paper.

- Our dispenser boxes are hand stamped with veggie ink.
- Our single packs are printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable ink.

- Our single packs are hand cut, folded and wrapped with human power.

Everyday is EARTH DAY around here! We love our planet! That's why we do whatever it takes to reduce our negative impact on it. Of course everything in HempWick itself is sustainably sourced and organic but there is a lot more to all this than just HempWick! 

At the HempWick HIVE (HempWick HQ) we also reduce our impact by using sustainably sourced office and shipping supplies!

- All envelopes, packaging materials, & shipping boxes are made of 100% post consumer recycled materials or are rescued from our local health food stores recycling bin.
- Our tape contains sustainably sourced natural rubber gums.... from trees!
- All of the paper we use is either unneeded and donated to us or made of a mix of sugar cane and bamboo scraps. And we always print 2xs a page so we use 1/2 the paper! Of course we recycle too!

Thank you for supporting us and for helping us support other responsible businesses! We are grateful!