What is HempWick?

HempWick™ is the ORIGINAL organic lighter alternative that is handmade by the 2 of us Hippies

HempWick can be used to light ANYTHING... from herbs and smudge to pipes, pilot lights, camping grills, and candles. HempWick preserves the flavor of fine herbs, reduces harmful exposure to butane, and makes lighting things fun!

Wondering what size does what? Check out our HempWick size chart!

HempWick is Handmade by us Hippies. That's not only our slogan... It's totally true. We’ve always made HempWick in small batches. We lovingly (and laboriously) hand coat every inch of organic hemp in organic local beeswax. We hand package all HempWick products ourselves too. :) 

Handmade by Hippies means: NO plastic wrap, NO GMOs, NO potato starch, NO lead, NO filler waxes, NO hidden ingredients, NO paraffin wax, NO blended fibers, NO acid salts, NO chemically treated anything, NO outsourcing, NO factories, NO robots, NO funky stuff, and certainly NO unfair labor practices!! Thank you for buying Handmade by Hippies! We are grateful for your support!

Our Ingredients 
We don’t use just any old hemp and beeswax! 
Check out our environmental policies for more info!

We don’t use just any hemp and beeswax! We support our local bee keepers and we know our hemp farmers!

Beeswax: We make HempWick with organic tropical wildflower blossom beeswax from our local bee keepers! The bee hives it comes from are on super wild land. The bees gather the pollens they need to make wild tropical blossom honey and wax from gallberry, saw palmetto, and other tropical wild flower blossoms. The acreage surrounding their hives is wild, uncultivated, and is not fertilized or chemically sprayed. Our local beeswax is what gives HempWick its super sweet aroma of honey and rich golden color. The color of the wax can vary from light yellow to medium brown because of the season and because it is made by bees from lots of flowers. Bees are naturally attracted to HempWick because they can smell the pure beeswax.

Hemp: Our pure organic hemp is grown in Europe. It is unbleached, minimally processed & unfooled around with; until we hand wax it! The color of HempWick varies due to the season the hemp is grown, the farm it is grown on and the strain of the plant itself. It is a natural crop of the earth.

All 200ft balls of HempWick come in a super nifty dispenser box. HempWick dispenser boxes are made of 100% post consumer recycled paper and are hand stamped with veggie ink. The dispenser box keeps your HempWick safe from tangling, dust, dirt, pet hair, curious cats, fidgety friends and more! 

-All HempWick single packs (10fts, 30fts & Samples) are wrapped on 100% recycled paper that is printed with vegetable ink.

HempWick Uses 
Some of the following have been tested... Lighting pipes, lighting smudge, lighting cigars, lighting hand rolled cigarettes, lighting any fire, lighting grills, lighting hard to reach candles, even making candles! Works great in the garden! Tie your plants with it and it’ll attract more bees! It can be used to pull a friend behind a bike on a skateboard, works great for covering up dog gas, it can be used as a fishing line, you can make jewelry out of it, need a belt? tie some HempWick around your waist, its strong enough to use as shoe laces, can be a hair tie, can be used to make all kinds of crafts like HempWick people, and ask us how- it will cut a PVC pipe in half (great for making hula hoops on the go)! :) Please let us know if you have found any other super groovy ways to use HempWick!